VAT refunds
We offer two different solutions for businesses seeking refunds from abroad.

Collection of vouchers from our customers Yes No *) *) Vouchers are sent to us
Registration of vouchers and filling in of application Yes Yes Costs can be registered per department and project if desirable.
Submission of refund claim to each country Yes Yes  
Follow-up of the authorities Yes Yes  
Sending of settlement and statistics Yes Yes  
Standard rate of commission 35% 15% No permanent charges. Only no cure, no pay.
VAT representation
Foreign businesses that must register in Norway according to Norwegian VAT legislation can now do so through us. MomsPartner AS becomes the business's VAT representative and ensures that Norwegian value added tax is dealt with correctly in accordance with the requirements of the Norwegian authorities.

Since the VAT representative is jointly and severally liable with the foreign business, the latter will have to provide a bank guarantee that covers the VAT calculated for the period.
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